Scatterheart are a theatrical ‘Love-Rock’ trio based out of Vancouver, Canada. The band is made up of Doug Fury – Guitar/Vocals, Mike Southworth –Drums/Vocals and Wes DeBoer – Bass.

Scatterheart have headlined festivals to 25,000 fans in Korea, sold out venues like the legendary Commodore Ballroom (1000 capacity), Venue (500) and Richards on Richards (650) in Vancouver and toured across Canada 5 times. The band’s highly anticipated follow up album is scheduled for release in early 2013.

In 2009, Scatterheart released their debut full length album, ‘The Masterplan’ at a sold out show in Vancouver. The album has received rave reviews and comparisons to Metric, Rush, Queen, The Police and David Bowie. The song’s first single, ‘Beautiful’ was played on 46 radio stations across North America and had songs placed in the official 2010 Olympic video game by SEGA.

In advance of their sophomore album, the band has been releasing a song/music video every 6 weeks paired. The videos have been praised for their original concepts that often allow for audience interaction. The first video ‘Better Than Before’ used
groundbreaking web design to allow viewers to choose which of 9 characters they want to play as in a videogame style obstacle course. The following video for ‘Awesome Machine’ was created as a standard video with an additional interactive companion
where viewers used a flipbook interface to switch parts of the 3 band members around to create strange looking people. ‘I Get The Feeling, We’ve Hit The Ceiling’ has been a fan favorite with over 10,000 views in the first week. The video shows the band
performing underwater with their instruments and trademark suits. The band’s latest video, Tick Tock Tick, was released for 12/12/12 and was shot with 12 cameras in a circle creating the ‘bullet time’ style made popular by The Matrix movies.