We keep bringing the snow to Calgary

Posted by Wes DeBoer on May 3, 2010 blog | Tour | | 4 comments

We’re out on the road travelling from town to town having a great time, but there’s a curious trend starting to take hold that we’re not enjoying and that’s the weather in Calgary. How unpredictable can it really get? And why does it have to snow everytime we come by?

Apparently in mid april you Calgarians were enjoying some nice 20+ sunny days, spring had sprung and summer was coming early. Until we showed up that is. Last Wednesday we had a great little show in Leduc but we were to play BT Calgary the next morning at 7am so we had ourselves an overnight drive after the show that took much longer than necessary. 5 hours later (instead of the 2.5 it should’ve taken) we find ourselves arriving in a foot of snow by the skin of our teeth having survived a near blizzard for most of the drive down the #2. Of course the next day as we leave Calgary the sun is out and the snow starts melting.

3 days later we are back to Calgary for a day of rest between shows and sure enough after a 3 hour drive in the hot sunshine we are once again confronted with a big hail storm within minutes of arriving. And the last time we toured through town was early last October with more of the same. This time we were presented with 2 feet of snow and -16 C. We all had to go out and buy some extra wool socks and toques to keep warm, but of course leaving Calgary on our way to Regina we could see the snow melting in minutes.

From what people say this is to be expected in Calgary and that the only month of the year the city has yet to have snow is in July. Yep, even August has had snow. So expect us to be back on the road and travelling through Calgary this July, we’ll see which trend wins out, our luck of getting snow in Calgary or Calgary’s ability to be snowed upon in every month of the year. See ya in July!



  • Jen said on May 6, 2010 12:50 pm

    You guys seem to be cursed! Or maybe you’re special – they could have used you during the Vancouver Olympics this year. Hehehe.

  • Sawaria said on Aug 16, 2013 12:34 am

    There is some excellent adcvie here Lilly & Jack taking care in the icy weather! That is very kind of you to think about everyone. I’m so glad you shared your thoughts withus here on the 5SC!

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